Climate Change and the New Comintern

That climate scientists, the Democratic Party, and the MSM have been cooking up global warming, end-of the-world scenarios comes as no surprise. As far back as 2001, Danish scientist Bjorn Lomborg wrote The Skeptical Environmentalist based on his discovery that the “science” that formed the foundation of the early ecology movement was flawed and unreliable. He was subjected to a show trial by his university peers in Denmark for daring to contradict the green party line. In the end, Lomborg was exonerated but the climate change fanatics upped the ante with questionable data and political propaganda.

Now comes Christopher Booker, of the  reliable London Daily Telegraph, with additional proof the climate change activists have been manipulating data to convince citizens of planet earth the end is near due to global warming - and human beings are to blame.  

There is a difference between natural, cyclical warming and placing the blame on industry, farming, and transportation as the movement has emphasized since idealistic, capitalism-hating types turned to climate after the embarrassing collapse of the Soviet Union. With climate politics, the modern Bolsheviks have embraced global warming and human-induced climate change as the new Comintern. Just as true believers in communism envisioned one-world government, the climate change fanatics bear-hug Mother Earth with preposterous theories accompanied by febrile zeal. And like the Soviet Union, the climate warming apparat is a fraud.