Boys Will Not Be Boys If Feminists Have Their Way

The National Press Club daily newsletter is a rich with nuggets that  end up comprising the biased agenda of the MSM. This week I came across an announcement inviting members to attend the Washington premiere of the film The Mask You Live In, “ that examines the harm that is caused to boys and men by American culture and the media’s narrow definition of masculinity and what it means To Be A Man” (caps not mine).

Filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom, who produced the 2011 Miss Representation, that exposes “the sexualized and infantilized images of women in the media”, will be present at the Press Club for the screening. Doubtless, no news people who attend will dare violate the code of omerta that forbids criticizing the party line, especially the feminist war against boys and men - and, in the The Mask You Live In, the attack on the marrow of masculinity. 

The movie trailer opens with a chorus of men screaming “stop crying, be cool, be a dick, don’t let women run your life, be a man”. The usual suspects -- sociologists, guidance counselors -- are filmed explaining boys are forced by peer pressure and society to “act out”, which causes aggression, with one “expert” adding:  you have to be violent to be a man. Naturally, all this aberrant male behavior leads to suicide – actually, three a day, according to the film. In sum, boys are preternaturally violent. If they grow up, men sexually assault co-eds in college before going on to start wars in full adulthood.

The underground river flowing through the feminist attack is to make the case that women should hold important offices in the land due to their sweet reasonableness and penchant to compromise. Feminists believe if all judges were women, the jails would be less crowded. If a woman won the presidency, warfare would disappear. If more women were CEOs of large companies the pay gap between men and women would vanish. If women ran the education complex, boys would be cleansed of their masculinity amid a discipline-free learning environment.

The  recent campaign to force colleges to set up kangaroo courts to hold show trials for male students accused of sexual assault and the National Press Club extending its imprimatur to the boys-are-bad myth by hosting The Mask You Wear is not a coincidence. Could it be the Hillary Clinton campaign for the presidency is part of this, helping to build the anti-male framework to condition the country for a female commander-in-chief?