Black Mr. Gay teaches new guilt theory to liberal white kids

The New York Times had a long article about "diversity training" at elite private schools in New York.  In the finest tradition of Mao's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, white students were encouraged to sit around and brainstorm about the oppression caused by white privilege.  And leading the sessions was a diversity agitator named Mr. Gay, who is also black.  (Is this not the greatest name ever for a diversity trainer?  Do you think that's his real name, or just the name he uses for work purposes?)

Students gathered in small groups to discuss a variety of social justice issues and participate in workshops ...

I'm old enough to remember when workshops used to involve cutting and sanding wood.  Now that word is nearly the exclusive property of liberal brainwashers.

Schools are asking white students and faculty members to examine their own race ... with a special emphasis on ... white privilege. During an exercise called “Who Are You?” Mr. Gay asked students to create their own “identity cards,” writing down terms they wanted to be associated with. One girl wrote “white,” “SoHo” and “Sag Harbor". Then students paired up, with one responding to the question “Who are you?” The room erupted in noise, with students shouting, “black,” “white,” “straight,” “lesbian,” “Jewish,” “Spanish” and “smart.”

“Everyone has a card,” Mr. Gay told the students. “It’s called an identity card. Society doesn’t value each of these identities equally.”

I love how Mr. Gay inculcates racial animosity into the children.  I don't care whether he's black or gay or whatever – he knows his stuff!

... at a few schools, students and faculty members are starting white affinity groups, where they tackle issues of white privilege, often in all-white settings.  At the Riverdale Country School in the Bronx, two white seniors started the Exploring Whiteness club[.]

Do you think it's racist or progressive for white students to have white-only groups where they talk about the evils of white oppression?  Discuss!

Today “white privilege” studies center on the systemic nature of racism as well as the way it exposes minorities to daily moments of stress and unpleasantness — sometimes referred to as “micro-aggressions.

I feel such sympathy for diversity consultants, because it is getting harder and harder to find systematic examples of racism in our society.  That's why we need to focus on really subtle examples of racism, whether real or imagined.  I'm glad our next generation is de-emphasizing mundane topics like math, science, reading, and writing to focus on the truly important topics, like oppression by race. 

As our workforce gets more and more multicultural, we need to be trained to think about every interaction in racial, class, and gender dimensions.  Some shortsighted individuals may say that this will lead to increased tensions and imaginary slights, but isn't that a small price to pay to have a society that lives on a higher plane of social consciousness?

The new focus on addressing white privilege has not been an unmitigated success. Dr. Moore, for example, is no longer working with Brooklyn Friends.  Acknowledging the inherent tension, he said: “Not every student is saying: ‘I want to talk about white privilege. Give me the best book.’”

And get someone like George R.R. Martin to write it – compelling, full of easy-to-read fiction, and collectively it can be 5,000 pages or more!

At the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, a plan this winter to roll out a racial awareness workshop series for third through fifth graders was met with fierce resistance by parents. Many objected that children as young as 8 were being asked to segregate themselves into race-based affinity groups.. A fifth grader’s father, called the plan “mind-boggling” and said his daughter found the entire concept confusing and unsettling.

At Brooklyn Friends, some white students complained that Dr. Moore was a polarizing figure whose focus on white privilege made them uncomfortable. Both Dr. Moore and a school representative described his departure as “amicable.”

It's very sad that these white liberal students are no longer being subjected to self-struggle sessions.  I'm very disappointed in their revolutionary consciousness and wonder if their subconscious racism is reasserting itself.

Anyway, I have an even better idea.  Why not make students guilty for being leftists?  Make them wear names saying "global warming hoaxer," "race-monger," "class warfare specialist," "big-government nanny," and make them explain their guilt for supporting leftist policies.

Exit question: I don't think I've ever seen a white diversity trainer, and certainly not a white male one.  If minorities are given preferences for this kind of job, what is the ranking order?  Of the following applicants for diversity trainer, which do you think would be most likely to be hired: a black man named Mr. Gay, a gay man named Mr. Black, a Hispanic woman named Mrs. Lesbian, or a lesbian woman named Mr. Transgender?

Pedro Gonzales is the editor of, the conservative news site.  He has also written about how white girls playing little orphan Annie is now racist.