As Obama leads from behind, the UK steps forward with Special Forces to rescue downed Jordanian pilots

Yes, it is a good thing that other nations step forward to share the burden of combatting ISIS, but it still downright embarrassing that it is the UK on which Jordan (and maybe the UAE) will be relying on to rescue pilots who may be downed during bombing raids on ISIS.  Marc Nicol of the UK Daily Mail reports:

Britain's Special Forces have set up a crack unit to rescue pilots who crash in Islamic State territory before they can be captured. (snip)

Defence sources confirmed last night that the UK has stepped up efforts to prevent another coalition pilot being taken by the enemy should their aircraft be shot down.

The Joint Personnel Recovery (JPR) units will be 12-man teams. The troops are poised to board armour-protected Chinook helicopters and will be accompanied on rescue missions by jets providing 'top cover'.

A Special Forces source said: 'We may have very little time to respond but we can go in with a lot of firepower and, depending on where he lands, we can hopefully get a downed pilot back before he is snatched by IS. This could be on the ground in Syria or in parts of Iraq occupied by the insurgents.

'We are not a 'boots on the ground' force and we're not changing the complexion of coalition operations, as we'd be in and out very quickly.

'Our motivation couldn't be higher given the gruesome death of the Jordanian pilot.'

Search and rescue operations of this sort are one of the things our military forces do best. Thank God, Britain has a leader who will step in when President Obama defaults. Part of the fundamental transformation he promised is the abandonment of America’s leadership of the free world.  It’s almost time to roll out the “Mission accomplished” banner for him.