A Fair Question

The negotiations with Iran seem to be an opaque procedure in a boastingly transparent administration.  Perhaps the delicacy and the international nature beg a level of secrecy. Perhaps.  There are those in Congress who believe the secrecy is beyond the norm.

But there is a fair question to be asked, and it is due to the primary source of a great measure of President Obama’s advisory and guidance. 

Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s senior advisor.  Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran.  May we ask where Valerie Jarrett stands on the issue of Iran obtaining nuclear capabilities?  That is a fair question and a complicated one.  What “nuclear capabilities” entails could be quite a tome.  But someone should take Valerie Jarrett’s “temperature” on this matter.  It could be interesting.

It is a fair question for two reasons.  Regarding her birth in the country in question, she may harbor affinities to Iran that may sway her sympathies and emotions toward any topic concerning Iran.

Secondly, there appears to be a “throwing to the curb” of our ally Israel, and Iran’s nemesis, by this administration. The Netanyahu visit to Congress is merely a form of retribution for the rough handling of Israel.  Israel may have deserved it due to its posture on settlements and other issues.  Regardless of reasons, the condition stands that the relationship between the nations of the United States and Israel are at an all time nadir.

Aside from all the family history claims of Jarrett’s father in law’s connection to Franklin Marshal Davis, and her mother’s connection to the Ayers family, the Jarrett sway over the President is accepted and acknowledged.

And even though Valerie spent little time in Iran, she was born in Iran and her parents must have carried personal reflections of Iran with them throughout their lives.  It is reasonable to assume that some remembrance and attitude towards Iran has spilled upon Valerie from her short time in Iran and from the long time opinion of Iran garnered by her parents during their stay in Iran. 

Our relationship with Israel has never been more tenuous, our attitude toward Iran has never been so appeasing, and we have never had a senior Presidential advisor with such a connection to Iran.  It is a fair question.

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