You're probably a 'racist' and here are six more reasons why

It never fails to amuse me when people who make their living peddling racial indignation work hard to associate negative characteristics with black people, blissfully unaware of how racist they are. The latest example comes from a black-oriented newspaper in Atlanta, called The Atlanta Blackstar (hat tip: Top Right News), which claims they are just alternative forms of the N-word. No kidding! The piece is titled, “The N-Word, Updated: 6 Code Words or Terms That Often Mean the Same Thing”

A favorite tactic is to claim that “code words” or else “dog whistles” are being used when negative words are used – that these bad things are rally all about blacks. The Blackstar prefers to “code word” method. Here are six alleged code words that only, in their fevered imagination, apply to black people.


Perhaps these geniuses are unaware that this word has its origin in India, with the Thuggeee cult. Nonetheless, they are sure that it really just means black people.

“Urban/Inner City”

I will grant you that this is a euphemism for black. I sometimes refer to the color my car as “urban,” in jest, of course. But a substitute for the N-word? Tell it to the National Urban League

“State’s Rights”

Since when is calling someone a “state’s rights” an insult? I think maybe they mean that people who embrace state’s rights do so in order to discriminate against black people.  For people who claim to be updating matters, the reference to the battles of the 1950s and 1960s, when some Southern states resisted federal civil rights laws in the name of state’s rights is awfully archaic. State’s rights is mostly about the Tenth Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights.

“Welfare and Food Stamps”

Here they go again, negatively stereotyping black people. Most welfare and food stamp recipients are white. Can’t they use Google?

“Law and Order”

I guess they don’t know that black people are disproportionately affected by crime. In any event, calling someone a “law and order type” has never in my mind been associated with the N-word. It seems as though they think black people are criminals. Talk about negative stereotyping!

Cut taxes”

Again, “tax cutter” is not a substitute for the N-word, but they explain, “cutting taxes has long been racial code for not using tax payer money to help Black and brown people.” Here they perpetuate the stereotype of black people being dependent on government handouts.

Spot the real racists.

Hat tip: iOTW Report

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