Who puts the 'dic' in dictator?

Well yeah, President Barack Obama (D)'s interviews with YouTube "stars" further debased the office of the presidency of the United States, but was it as demeaning to the office as, oh, say, bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, the head of a country who/which discriminates against and loathes Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and blacks of all religions, including our president?  No.

Was it as debased as trashing and throwing away the Constitution and governing by phone and pen?  No.

Was it as debased and demeaning as (insert your unfavorite here)?  No.

And perhaps Glozell Green's black skin bathed in Michelle Obama-approved white milk with cereal which Green then ate (ewww!) or snorting cinnamon or hot peppers gave her the guts – or something – to ask the question that no sheeple reporter worthy of hosting a little-watched Sunday morning talk show or qualifying for membership in the White House Correspondents Association would dare ask.

"How can you justify negotiating with the guy who puts the 'dick' in dictatorship?" she bluntly asked, referring to brothers Castro, Fidel and now Raúl.

A discombobulated Obama laughed uncomfortably before rambling about his effective foreign policy.  (His prize, Yemen, is now in murderous chaos.)

The honored mainstream correspondents, by refraining from asking the hard questions, demean their positions.  This woman should be not mocked, but honored and invited to host the annual White House Correspondents roast – or better yet, Saturday Night Live for sure!

hat tip:  Weasel Zippers