Where's the outrage? White man gunned down by cops after flashing BB gun.

Sorry, wrong color.

San Francisco police shot and killed a white man who had entered a restricted area of a police parking lot and refused to leave.  When challenged, he pulled what appeared to be a handgun from his waistband but was later discovered to be a BB or pellet gun.

USA Today:

At 5:20 p.m. PT, a 32-year-old white man entered the part of the SFPD Mission Station parking lot that's restricted, said spokesman Albie Esparza. Three sergeants approached the man, who has not been identified, and told him to leave. The man began to walk away, towards the driveway of the station. But as the sergeants prepared to get in their vehicles, they found the suspect was still in the parking lot and was blocking their exit.

The sergeants approached the man a second time and asked him to leave. Facing them, the suspect put his hands in his hoodie and began to back out of the parking lot, said Esparza. The sergeants asked him to show them his hands. When he reached the threshold, he lifted up the shirt from its wasteband and showed what officers said appeared to be a handgun. As he pulled the gun out, two sergeants fired at the suspect, hitting him three times.

He was transported to San Francisco General Hospital, where he died. The officers weren't injured and have been placed on paid administrative leave, police said.

Earlier in the day, the suspect had approached Mission Station officers on an unrelated call at the intersection of 16th and Mission, asking them what kind of guns San Francisco police carry and if they'd been involved in any officer-involved shootings, said the SFPD in a statement.

Suicide by cop?  Very possible in this case, especially given the suspect's behavior earlier in the day.  What's missing are the howls of outrage from the anti-cop activists, who should change their hashtag campaign from #blacklivesmatter to #onlyblacklivesmatter.  If the victim had been black, Oakland would be on fire at this point.

But it's apparently OK to shoot down a white man, even if he's trying to commit suicide.

Is anyone else getting sick of the rank hypocrisy from these people?

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