What exactly does the race industry want from white America?

Nothing frustrates me more than for someone to rant on and on about something while never really specifying the desired outcome that he or she is seeking.  Or for someone to imply that I somehow owe him something without specifically telling me what it is.  This tactic of never specifying or articulating an actual wrong or debt is used so that the accused will be forever indebted to the accuser.  The race industry and their cohorts in the Democratic Party have been ranting and raving about black injustice ever since the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and have yet to articulate exactly what the injustices are or what can be done to correct them.

With the constant attempts to find racism under every rock and behind every door, I actually believe that the race-baiters left over from the Civil Rights movement have a nostalgia for the days when there was real racism and discrimination in America.  Why else would they continue to act as though the Civil Rights Act was never signed into law?  In fact, all Civil Rights leaders should celebrate July 2, the day President Lyndon Johnson signed the bill into law in 1964.  Has anyone ever heard Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson mention that date?  That day should be celebrated as a national holiday.  Instead, the American people are bombarded with trumped up charges of racism (some turn out to be complete hoaxes) to the point that we have developed race fatigue.

The latest race hoax comes from Charles Blow, a black New York Times columnist.  He claimed that a racist campus police held his son at gunpoint at Yale University.  Apparently, Blow’s son met the description of a campus burglar.  However, he failed to mention a few details.  The officer is black.  In fact, Yale’s police chief is also black.  This hoax comes fresh off the movie Selma’s Oscar snub (used as proof that America is still a racist country) coupled with the Department of Justice’s decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting.  

With the constant claims of racism 24/7, I wonder: what exactly does the race industry want from white America?  What will it take to satisfy the debt?  To my knowledge, I have never heard the answer.  The American government has spent billions of dollars on social programs for poor blacks and other minorities.  We have affirmative action, free education grants, free housing, food, and medical care.  America has black CEOs, tenured college professors, journalists, mayors, governors, state representatives, senators, attorneys general, and the president of the United States.  If any one of us were to walk into any large corporation, we would see a diverse workforce.  So, I am still asking, what do the race-baiters really want?  More importantly, how do they plan to go about getting it?

Since the latest attempts (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and the movie Selma) have failed to convince America of her inherent racism, black liberals have turned their wrath on black conservatives or any black person who speaks out against black culture.  Bill Cosby’s reputation has been destroyed by 30-year-old claims because black liberals did not like him speaking the truth about black culture, therefore they had to silence him.  I, along with other black conservative writers, am being targeted for pointing out the truth about our race.  Black liberals claim that black conservative writers are guilty of portraying black people in a negative light.  This claim is an attempt to shame us into silence.  Black conservatives speaking the truth about the state of the black community are not to blame for how the rest of America views the black race (people are intelligent enough to discern the truth by themselves).  It is the constant lies coming from race-baiters and the behavior displayed by uneducated blacks in poor communities (Ferguson) that is responsible for cemented negative stereotypes of blacks.

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