Saving the planet the Leonardo DiCaprio way

Just three months ago renowned climatic, environmentalist and actor Leonardo DiCaprio pontificated to his adoring followers in New York

"Climate change is compromising the very livability of our planet," the actor, sporting a long, scraggly beard and long hair pulled back into a bun, said as he accepted the Clinton Global Citizen Award for philanthropy.

The actor is certainly being philanthropic, if not environmentally sensitive, to the livability of the planet, as he spent  New Year's week in the sunny Caribbean with an entourage of young females he flew down on a plane that certainly spewed environmentally unfriendly gunk into the air, to celebrate with him; they are now all ensconced on a $400,000 a week chartered yacht.

Called the Paraffin, the super ship is currently up for sale for $42m; at 197ft, it is a quarter of the length of the Titanic (882ft) but what it lacks in length it certainly makes up for in luxury.

The three-tier vessel sleeps 12 guests and comes complete with six staterooms, with enough space to house 17 crew members. Facilities include a jacuzzi, swimming platform and gym.

It's also the attention to detail on the design front that separates this yacht from the pack.

In the master closet, for instance, there are light fittings in the drawers - just in case Leo found rummaging around for his underwear in the dark too much of a task.

All of this might not increase the livability of the planet according to DiCaprio's earlier definition but the immediately livability of DeCaprio and friends certainly increased tremendously, the fate of the rest of the planet be damned.

The philanthropic actor sprung for the bikinis for his female guests--presumably all made from environmentally friendly material.  But not too much material, the bikinis were really environmentally correct itsy, bitsy ones.

For the livability of the planet, of course.