Post-Assessment: Paris Terrorist Attack

We are at war, regardless whether you deny it, do not believe it, or find a rationale to justify otherwise.  We need to stop facilitating the denial of what the radical Islamic ideology and terrorism are all about. 

Europe is at war, the free world is at war, and both Europe and the West must first and foremost stop the policies of appeasement, weakness, and retrenchment.

We need to stop being dishonest and evasive about who is doing this.  Radical Islam seeks our destruction.  We need to be honest with ourselves and with Islam itself.  

We need to identify the enemy and call it like it is.  We need to inform, educate, and continue to address the fact of who radical Islamist terrorists are and that they are driven by Islamist ideology.

President Obama and his administration must to come to terms with what radical Islam is about, and who in both the Islamic world and non-Islamic world is providing support, sympathy, and a safe haven to terrorists.  Secondly, he must address all Americans and tell the American people the true nature of enemy and the threat we are facing.

On both sides of the Atlantic, we need robust leadership to unify the free world in order to engage in this war.  The president finally conceded to call it terrorism, but he continued to refuse to use the term Islamists.  The connection must be drawn.  The denial, ambiguity, confusion, and obfuscation must stop.

This is really a war for the survival of our civilization against vicious individuals who seek out our destruction, by any means necessary.  Freedom is not on the table.

We must really take this war to the enemy; we cannot simply continue to react after the fact, after each attack.  Across-the-board engagement of national strength and will must be brought to bear.

Finally, we as a nation must develop and implement a long-term coherent strategy against radical Islamist terrorists, and most importantly the against the radical ideology that indoctrinates, feeds, sustains, and drives them.   Avoidance, obfuscation, and failure are not an option.