Pope Francis Speaks on Paris Tragedy, Avoids the Word 'Islam'

Ever since Pope Francis began speaking to the press over a year ago, he has left people with more questions than answers.  True to form, left-leaning media has been picking up the pontiff’s ambiguous statements and crafting the pope’s image as a progressive cult of personality. Regardless of whether the pope is progressive, he is very much responsible for the lack of clarity of his words.  Even when his words are taken in context, they are suspect. This past week, the press was reporting on Pope Francis’s remarks while on route from Sri Lanka to the Philippines. As an example of confusing language, in the following excerpt, the pope compares punching a jerk who disses your mother to Muslims killing journalists who mocked Mohammed.  He reminds us how Christians killed Huguenots 500 years ago (so we are sinners just like Muslims, right?), and he implies that Islam is a religion that “respects human life and the human person.” From...(Read Full Post)