Obama debases the presidency in sit-down interviews with YouTube celebrities

In an effort at outreach to the large and growing Moron-American voting bloc, President Obama went to considerable trouble to conduct sit-down interviews with three YouTube celebrities at three specially constructed sets erected in the White House following his State of the Union address.  The event was also commemorated with (what else?) a selfie.

The most demeaning of the exercises was his interview with someone who calls herself GloZell Green, wears green lipstick, and engages in such vulgar stunts as sitting in a bathtub of Fruit Loops and eating the sugary junk food.  She is known for her love for the president, advising her fans, “He black!  He black he black he black!  Yes, I said it!”

If you have the stomach for it, her interview with the president, as well as the two others – Bethany Mota and Hank Green (no relation, because he white!  He white he white he white.  Yes, I said it!) – can be found here.

The most notable GloZell moment came when she offered green lipstick to Michelle Obama and referred to her as the president’s “first wife.”  Perhaps she is referring to rumors of trouble between the Obamas, as reported in the National Inquirer.  Or perhaps she doesn’t know the difference between “first lady” and “first wife.”  My money is on the latter.

The other Green spoke about how wonderful Obamacare has been for him.  Consider this another form of outreach to minorities.

Bethany Mota, whose excuse is that she is 19 years old, asked the president what superpowers he would like.

The days are long gone when presidents honored the solemnity of their responsibilities as chief executive with decorum.  The U.K. Daily Mail takes the optimistic spin that this stunt backfired because only 84,000 people watched the live stream at its peak.  I hope so.  But I am reminded of H.L. Menken’s dictum that “nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public,” written at a time when schools were able to impart literacy and numeracy to close to 100% of their graduates.

I am trying to regain my customary optimism about the possibilities of politics, but find myself this morning in the depths of depression over the fate of the Republic as ignorance and superficiality have been so honored by a president.

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