New York Times floats trial balloon for next Obama admin anti-Israel initiative

Step One: Manufacture outrage against PM Netanyahu, Israel, Speaker Boehner, ands Republicans with an agit-prop exercise, falsely claiming that President Obama was not consulted before an invitation was issued and accepted for the Israeli leader to address Congress.

Step two: Quietly issue a correction that nobody but a few people notice. Leave the impression of the false story in the minds of most.

Step three: Use that false impression as an excuse to cut Israel out of the “peace plan” put forward by the administration.  Once again, The New York Times lives up to its reputation of House Organ of the Democratic Party:

Mr. Kerry, who has invested a lot in building a relationship with Mr. Netanyahu, is said to be especially livid at the planned speech because of what he sees as a violation of a doctrine of no surprises. As a result, he may be emboldened to pursue an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan through the United Nations or outside powers without waiting for Mr. Netanyahu’s assent.

Step four (forthcoming): Pillory Israel for balking on a “pece plan” it had nothing to do with crating, and which almost certainly will prove prejudicial to its survival.

Despicable, but effective.

Hat tip: Richard Baehr