National Enquirer reports famed White House chef quit over abusive behavior of Michelle O

Say what you will about super market tabloids, but the National Enquirer was the only media outlet to expose John Edwards’ lying and cheating about fathering an out-of-wedlock child. Because it pays news sources, the Enquirer often gets stories that other media miss entirely. So it brings some credibility to its reporting that White House chef Sam Kass quit his job in protest over his treatment at the hands of Michelle Obama, dubbed the “Queen of Mean “ in the report.

Kitchen magician Sam Kass got fed up with Michelle’s snippy comments and told the Obamas to take his apron and shove it, insiders told The 
National ENQUIRER.

“He just couldn’t take it – the relentless nitpicking, over petty little details that drove him insane. She thinks she’s Marie Antoinette!” a White House insider told The ENQUIRER.

“It has nothing to do with Sam’s cooking, which is superb. But you could be Wolfgang Puck and Michelle wouldn’t be happy. She’ll find some reason to turn up her nose, no matter how good a job you’ve done!”

Michelle habitually sends food back after serving, often with snide remarks, our well-placed source said.

“These are some of the world’s best chefs,” the source huffed. “It gets to be too much to bear.”

Sam, 34, cooked dinner for the Obamas five nights a week and has served as their personal chef since 2005. He also headed Michelle’s “Let’s Move!” fitness campaign to end childhood obesity.

Kass is indeed a highly respected chef, and he recently married MSNBC hard left anchor Alex Wagner, causing Barack Obama to leave a family vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and fly in for his bachelor party in DC, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars for the trip.

The previously-issued official story was that Kass was leaving so as to be able to spend more time in New York City, where is bride is based. But couldn’t MSNBC just as easily base her in DC? Wouldn’t having her husband in the White House be an asset to the network? Still, in public, it was all praise for Kass.

"From constructing our Kitchen Garden to brewing our own Honey Brown Ale, Sam has left an indelible mark on the White House," President Barack Obama said Monday in a press release announcing the resignation, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

 Michelle Obama’s Mirror had some fun with that version:

Here’s how Vogue described the power couple: 

She’s a rising television-news star. He’s the consummate White House insider.”

Who knew we would one day live in a world where talking heads of 3rd rate cable networks would be considered a “television-news star” and Big Guy’s chef would be known as a “consummate White House insider.”

I suspect that when the Obamas leave the White House, we will start to see a lot more about the ways of Michelle with the staff.

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