Man convicted of murdering two white teens cries out 'black lives matter' during sentencing

One of the men who tortured and murdered two white teenage boys in Detroit two years ago proclaimed, "Black lives matter" before being sentenced to life in prison. Following the victim impact statements from the families, full of forgiveness and regret, Frederick Young – one of two black men convicted of the killings – addressed the court: "Everything just aches and it's just a totally senseless crime," said Mike Bobbish, Jourdan's father. "And how you could march someone out in the middle of a field and execute them - we're not a third world country. Sometimes I wish it did happen in a third world country because it would be a lot different outcome of this whole thing." Virgie Kudla, Jacob's mother then spoke. "Not only did the defendant take away my son's future," she said. "He took away my future - my future as a mother - my future as a grandmother."  "I have sorrow in my...(Read Full Post)