Malia Obama pictured wearing logo of cop-hating rap group

I hesitated to write about this until it became reasonably clear that the picture posted on Instagram by the rap collective known as Pro Era was not a lookalike. But the White House all but confirmed it.

Here is her picture on Instagram, with one of the group’s logos:

And here is a picture of another of the group’s logos:

Remind you of anything?


From the Tampa Bay Times:

An unauthorized photo of President Barack Obama's 16-year-old daughter, Malia, is drawing attention on the Internet. The photo appears on the Instagram page for Pro Era, a hip-hop music collective based in Brooklyn, N.Y. Malia sports a white T-shirt with the group's red and green logo across the front. The White House disapproves of photos being published or posted of Malia and her 13-year-old sister, Sasha, when they are not with Obama and-or first lady Michelle Obama, or other unauthorized use of their names or images. The White House declined comment Tuesday, an apparent sign of its unhappiness over the photo's distribution. Bradley Bledsoe, a spokesman for Pro Era, said by email that "the group received the photo from a mutual friend of Pro Era and Malia, and the photo is real."

The Washington Post accepts the photo as real:

A curious thing happened Monday on the Internet. A grainy photo of a 16-year-old wearing a hip-hop group’s tour T-shirt was posted on said group’s official Instagram account. Breaking news, right? Well, the teenager in question was one Malia Obama, the first daughter of the United States, whose private life is quite purposely keep offline. (snip)

First thing’s first, the picture is absolutely real. In it, Malia is wearing a white T-shirt bearing the Pro Era logo. For those not in the know (us included), Pro Era is a Brooklyn-based hip-hop collective lead by 19-year-old rapper Joey Bada$$, who was recently charged with assault during a tour stop in New Zealand.

Gateway Pundit supplies some examples of the group’s lyrics:

Here are a few lyrics from Extortion by Pro Era.

Im screaming who want war nigga
They dont want that war

[Bridge 2: Kirk Knight]
Shit your articles of clothing was an issue
With these magazine niggas talking shit, I’ll load a full clip
Never face Defeat, but word up in the streets
We ain’t free, don’t sell me dreams
You ain’t know that talk is cheap

[Verse 2 : Dyemond Lewis]
Kirk be the nigga with problems
We gonna call Prob up, he gonna handle the problems
Vodka blocking my chakras
Bumping that Flying Lo and TOKiMONSTA
Ahh I gotcha
We superior beings, you seen how I been
Been living on clouds but this ain’t no dream
Been riding on nimbus I’m out for the spinach
My bitch didn’t like it then fuck you, good riddance
It’s hard to stay sane in a world full of sinning
But, see, all I got is my niggas
Kreeper and Slacka, you know we mean business
Fucking gods on earth build and destroy it, our will is our tu

Of course, Malia was taken to Jeremiah Wright’s church as a young girl. So this is not exactly a shock.

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