It will take more than marches

Let me salute the people of Paris, and France, for turning out in huge numbers.  It was nice to see the outrage and slogans in support of the cartoonists and freedom.

My concern is: what happens next?  Where does this energy go from here?  Will it make a difference, especially given the structural problems facing France and Europe?  Are most European leaders ready to deal with chaotic immigration, a welfare state that promotes dependency, and low birth rates that mean that some of these countries may not exist in the next 100 years?

I agree with Senator Lindsey Graham, who said that he is worried about the U.S. getting hit.  My guess is that Europe is just as vulnerable.  We are all very vulnerable.

Let me recommend this to the French:

1) Announce that you will send troops to fight ISIS.  It does not matter that one is called ISIS and the other al-Qaeda and the other whatever else.  They are all enemies of the West, and it's time for France to get in the game.    

2) Admit that multiculturalism does not work, especially when the people you're allowing in the country do not want to be French.  A country is more than just a nation that shares a currency or has a seat at the U.N.  There has to be a common identity, and that is not the case in these suburbs.

The West is about freedom, respect for women, and tolerance of religious differences.  Many of these immigrants do not believe in freedom, treat women like subhumans, and tolerate no one who prays differently.   

France can take advantage of this tragedy and turn the tide.  Or the French can march, hug each other, and confirm to the terrorists that the West is not serious about fighting them.

Let's start the recovery now, or we will wake up some future morning hearing about another terrorist tragedy in Europe, or – God forbid – here.

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