'I am a bloody knife'

Forget those "Je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) buttons, signs, stickers and t-shirts signifying the wearer's sympathy for the victims of the multiple attacks in Paris two weeks ago.  They are so two weeks ago.  Trending higher and higher now on Twitter is "Je suis (un) couteau."  For those whose French consists of "champagne," this means "I am (a) knife," indicating the person's murderous approval of an Arab, in Israel illegally, who stabbed and seriously wounded 12 people on a commuter bus in Tel Aviv last week. 

The newly popular phrase is accompanied by an illustration of a bloody knife.  One depicts a clenched fist grasping a blood-tipped tipped knife; in another, a young khafiyah-wrapped young boy proudly holds a dripping bloody knife in one hand with the other pumping air, triumphantly proclaiming, "I stabbed 10" as a bus in the background sits in a pool of blood.  In another, bloody knives are plunged into skulls with Jewish stars.

Other than this, really, why shouldn't the Israelis deal with these people who want nothing less than to destroy them, no matter what meaningless treaty they are forced to sign?  President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, there are over 20 Muslim-dominated countries; most are despotic, blood-soaked, and slaughtering others.