How free is Obama's free community college education?

President Obama is now touting a plan to provide 2 years of free community college schooling for the masses.  He has taken his message to the official White House website, and to the social media such as Facebook.

It must be borne in mind that from at least as early to 23 September 2011 until at least as late as 20 June 2013, the ObamaCare website at was touting free health care. 

via the Wayback Machine

Healthcare costs have, of course, skyrocketed following the passage of the misnamed Affordable Care Act.

Based upon Obama's abysmal track record for large-scale free social benefits programs, future staggering increases in the costs of higher education are quite foreseeable.   And if the community colleges look to hire more educational personnel to meet the increased demand for education, the educational institutions will no doubt hire them as adjunct faculty in order to economize on education costs, thereby finding loopholes for denying the new educators education benefits and tax benefits alike.

Until the IRS propounds more definite guidance on the matter, the current Regulations give educational institutions a safe harbor of adding 2.25 hours to each hour of an adjunct faculty member's classroom face time for the purposes of computing hours of service under ObamaCare.  This means that even if the Save American Workers Act of 1915, which has just cleared the House of Representatives, becomes law, the free education scheme now proposed by Obama would improve the lot of neither the community college students it purports to educate, nor the new faculty members who would teach them.

Kenneth H. Ryesky is a lawyer who is an Adjunct faculty member at Queens College CUNY.  He formerly served as an attorney for the IRS.