Hey, Barry! Where are the 53 dissidents Cuba promised to release?

Some low comedy yesterday at the State Department press gaggle, as spokesperson Jen Psaki couldn't say whether Cuba has released the 53 political prisoners it promised when it struck a deal to normalize relations. Washington Free Beacon: State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki repeatedly refused to answer questions this afternoon about the 53 political detainees Cuba promised to release as part of a deal with President Obama to normalize relations with the United States. When asked about a lack of transparency in the prisoner exchange process, Psaki said, “Well, we know who’s on there. And the Cuban government knows who’s on there.” The Cuban government hasn’t exactly been a model for transparency the last half century. Included in his deal with Cuba, Obama announced two weeks ago that the U.S. government had released three Cuban spies. The lack of progress in freeing the Cuban political prisoners increases the scrutiny on that White...(Read Full Post)