GOP's DHS de-funding gambit for immigration executive orders might be in trouble

The Republican plan to threaten a Homeland Security Department shut down over the funding of Obama's immigration executive orders may have hit a roadblock. The attacks in Paris make it imperative that DHS keep its doors open. This makes the threat to shut it down an empty one. Not only would it be bad policy if Republicans fail to fund the department, it would be horrible politics as well. The Hill: Senate and House Republicans are warning against a standoff with President Obama and Senate Democrats that could shut down the department tasked with protecting the homeland within weeks of terrorist attacks against Western targets.  They worry the GOP could wind up taking the blame, which is what happened when a dispute over implementation of the Affordable Care Act shuttered the federal government for 16 days.  While Republicans are unified in their desire to reverse the executive order Obama issued after Election Day shielding an estimated 5 million...(Read Full Post)