Dogs and gays: Pope Francis and Catholic Democrats

Has anyone besides a few pundits found it odd that many Catholic Democrats have spent more time worrying about dogs going to heaven than they have about whether or not they might go to heaven?  They worry more about the destiny of dogs than they worry about the destiny of their souls if they support same-sex marriage.

Then, in another oddity, just a few days before we hear the news that the U.S. Supreme Court will take up the issue of same-sex marriage, the pope issues a scathing denunciation of same sex-marriage, saying it “disfigures God’s plan for creation.”

Have Catholic Democrats been listing to this denunciation?

If Catholic Democrats had not thrown their support to Barack Obama, Obamacare, and same-sex marriage, the nation would not be in such a quandary.  Even the Daily Kos knows how Catholics and Democrats too often go hand in hand working for the fundamental transformation of America.

Is it another oddity that the majority of the Justices on the Supreme Court are Catholic?  Are they listening to the pope?  Assuming that their dogs go to heaven, will they even see them, depending on their vote regarding same-sex marriage?

Vice President Biden and Representative Nancy Pelosi claim to be Catholics, too, and they support same-sex marriage.  In Illinois, Catholic Democrats like ex-governor Pat Quinn and elected State Representative Marty Moylan, both Catholics, have been instrumental in making same-sex marriage legal in the state.

Perhaps one could make an argument as to why Catholic Democrats supported Obama, Obamacare, illegal immigration, and other progressive causes.  They may have done it for the sake of mercy or charity.  Some bishops support these causes because they are Babylonian Heretics and mislead their flocks.

Same-sex marriage is another story.  The pope’s words are strong and certain.  Same-sex marriage disfigures God’s plan for creation.  Who wants that stain on his soul as he prepares to meet his dog in heaven?

Beyond that, it becomes more clear every day just how socially disruptive same-sex marriage will be.  It is also clear that same-sex marriage is a court-driven, not a voter-driven form of social change.

Even some gay activists admit that the social change gay marriage supporters have in mind is far reaching. Masha Gessen, author and LGBT activist, claimed, “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there … same sex marriage will not redefine marriage – it will un-define it, and unravel it, and in so doing will un-define children.”

If same-sex marriage does un-define children, then we may be able to understand the vote to make same-sex marriage legal as just a continuation of the Catholic Democrat support for abortion, the first un-definition of children.

Catholic Democrats are in a schizophrenic position.  They have supported progressive causes to the point where they now may be bitten by them.  It’s one thing to have a vote for Obamacare on your conscience and quite another to be tormented by a vote responsible for disfiguring God’s plan for creation.

It is a Catholic teaching that we are responsible for our actions.  Even the Catholic politician (and part-time theologian?) Nancy Pelosi, when interviewed by Eleanor Clift for Newsweek, stated that “we are all endowed with a free will and a responsibility to answer for our actions.”

Do the Catholic justices on the U.S. Supreme Court know this?  Are they prepared to answer to the pope and beyond, if they support same-sex marriage and disfigure God’s plan?

There is a point where faith and politics intersect.  That point has many names.  Today, among Catholic Democratic politicians and perhaps Catholic Supreme Court justices, when it comes to being a Catholic and voting in favor of same-sex marriage, the best name for that point may be “hypocrite.”

As it stands now, if the United States is going to hell in a handbasket, Catholic Democrats are hanging on tightly to that basket.