Did you hear the one about the editor, two dogs, and 25 Muslim girls?

I came to dog ownership late in life, and like many a religious convert, I have become fervent, a lover of canines for the faithful companionship, the unceasing excitement they show when I return from even a brief absence, and from their utter devotion to guarding the house, our family, and me from any menace (especially the deer that roam our neighborhood consuming landscaped vegetation). I walk our dog Scotty twice a day, early morning and late afternoon, and for the last ten days we have been joined by Mochi, whom we are caring for while his master (my son) vacations in Florida. It so happens that there is a place on our daily walk that attracts visitors from overseas on a regular basis. It must be featured in a guidebook to the Bay Area that is used by foreign visitors, for I have never encountered groups of Americans hiking up the same pathway that attracts foreign visitors. It requires climbing several hundred feet from the main part of Berkeley -- campus and downtown --...(Read Full Post)