Unarmed teen gunned down by cop of a different race

On October 6, 2012,Mobile, AL Police Officer Trevis Austin gunned down a teenaged boy named Gilbert Collar.  Mr. Collar, naked at the time, was visibly unarmed.  (Apparently, Collar had taken two hits of a synthetic hallucinogen and believed himself to be on fire!)  At 5' 7" and 135 lbs, Mr. Collar was hardly an imposing figure as he ran desperately among the traffic on a major road.  At one point, he did try to enter a civilian's car--one of the few with open windows and no air-conditioning.  The driver, a former college football player, punched him hard in the face and pushed him away.

Mr. Collar did not seem even to notice the push or the punch, which showed Officer Austin all he needed to see to conclude that Collar was too crazed and dangerous to take alive.  At a distance of just a few yards, Austin emptied his weapon into Gilbert Collar's  chest, killing him instantly.

The case went to a Grand Jury, with considerable editorial input from the local press, demanding an indictment.

None was handed down.

Some outrage was expressed, locally, but there were no riots.  Outside the Alabama Gulf Coast, the case went unmentioned and remains unknown. Neither Gilbert Collar's nor Trevis Austin's name, has ever appeared in our "Paper of Record." the New York Times.

You see, victim Collar was white.  Officer Austin, black.