Crowder: Abortion of 'special needs' children 'a holocaust'

A touching video by Steven Crowder came out this week.  The comedian and Fox News contributor goes into his experiences volunteering at a center for the mentally handicapped.

You may need a box of tissues, depending on how your day is going:

Do we really believe that they're "special-needs"?  'Cause that's the politically correct term, right?  "Special needs."  You can't say "disabled."  But then the people who say, "You have to say 'special needs'" are saying they're not really special at all; they're just a burden. ... And the same leftists who believe that they should be aborted fail to acknowledge the irony that they're happier than any of those people will ever be.

When it comes to abortion, liberals and conservatives alike bristle at any mention of Nazis.  Often, the invocation of "Godwin's law" ("As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1") is sufficient to shut down a debate.

But the probability of a Nazi comparison should be high – it should be 1, in fact – when the activity one is talking about is actually like what the Nazis did.  Though Jewish Holocaust victims rightly get the majority of the recognition, Hitler had a fetish for slaughtering the mentally handicapped as well.  And Margaret Sanger, one of our less well-known Hitler-admirers here in the States, founded Planned Parenthood with how best to eliminate the "feeble-minded" high on her agenda.

As Crowder notes, over 90% of Down syndrome babies diagnosed in utero are aborted – that is to say, gruesomely sucked out with a vacuum, or dismembered, or poisoned to death with heart-attack drugs.  For Americans to shrug at a statistic like this says a lot about what kind of society we are.

Crowder: "Is that really the world we want at the end of the day – where we just choose which people to discard?"

Drew Belsky is American Thinker's deputy editor.  Contact him at, and follow him on Twitter @DJB627.