Smoking gun video of Michael Brown's stepfather: 'I'm going to start a riot'

Proof of intent doesn’t get any clearer than a videotape of a suspect proclaiming, “I’m going to start a riot….” Those words were from the lips of Louis Head, uttered before he climbed on a car and shouted, “Burn this bitch down,” would seem to indicate the need for him to be prosecuted.

The super-sleuths at Conservative Treehouse uncovered the smoking gun video taken by, of all sources, Al Jazeera. Go to 0:16 in the tape embedded below, and you can hear Head, bottom of the screen, center-left, provide the evidence necessary for an indictment.  



So forget about excusing Head as simply blowing off steam, reacting emotionally and spontaneously. He indicated criminal intent. If he is let off without being prosecuted it will open the door for riots across America.

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