Smirking MSNBC reporter asks Rick Perry is he is 'smart enough' to be president

MSNBC, the network that features former presidential candidate Al Sharpton, also employs a young woman named Kasie Hunt (no fan of Sarah Palin), who found it appropriate to ask potential presidential candidate Rick Perry if he is “smart enough” to be president.  Watch for yourself and savor the smirk on her face after she pops the question.

Remember how grateful we were supposed to be that Barack Obama was the Smartest President Ever (just look at the crease in his pants!)?  As Ed Lasky points out:

Obama says Hawaii is in Asia; thinks they speak Austrian in Austria; sees dead people; says America is one of the biggest Muslim nations; there are 57 states in America; etc. Yet was declared “the smartest man to be president.” He is not – he is not that bright at all.

Hunt is catering to the prejudice that Southerners are not bright.  Do you think she would ever have asked Sharpton if he was smart enough to run for president?

Hat tip: Daniel Halper

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