Rubio will win the Cuba debate with Paul

The so-called new Cuba policy has put Senator Rubio on front stage.  He has become the face of the opposition to President Obama's decision to change our approach to Cuba.

On the other side, there is Senator Paul, who supports President Obama's decision.   

Phillip Rucker of The Washington Post sees it as an early sign of 2016 GOP divisions:

The feud is the loudest public dispute so far between potential GOP 2016 candidates and lays bare the divergent world views of traditional hawks — including Rubio and past Republican presidents and nominees — and the emerging, younger libertarian wing represented by Paul.

For decades, Rubio’s position has been the GOP’s natural default. But Paul is testing that convention.  

“Are we still cold warriors or are we entering a brave new world in diplomacy?” Republican strategist John Feehery said. “Rubio’s perspective is we have Cuba, we have North Korea, we need a bold, internationalist, America-led world that fights the bad guys. Rand Paul is taking his father’s position to a new level, which is constructive engagement, but America isn’t really the policeman of the world.”

What's wrong with that picture?  A lot, especially when we are talking about GOP primary voters.

Senator Paul does not understand what Senator Rubio is talking about.  

First, Senator Rubio is talking about promoting freedom rather than being the world's policeman.  There is a huge difference.  

Second, Senator Paul does not understand that his father's foreign policy was largely mocked and ignored in previous primaries.  Like many GOP voters, I threw a pillow at the TV every time Congressman Ron Paul went off on his isolationist rants.   

Senator Paul is wrong on this one.  He is not going to be the party's nominee with such views of the world. 

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