Racial Chips on Very Tall Shoulders

In spite of my being opposed to Obama for being our president from the very outset, an opposition based entirely on the young solon’s executive inexperience and his propensity to vote present on any legislative issue that might prove later to be politically controversial, I truly hoped, after his election, that he would lead America to racial peace.

For six years Barack Obama has insisted on insinuating his presidential presence and influence into every racial conflict that has proved newsworthy.  And to the horror of white America, their duly elected leader has chosen to side with whoever the black participants are in any situation that posits black America against the rest of the country.  It began with the cops are stupid at Cambridge, then was buttressed by his “If I had a son” comments regarding the Trayvon Martin affair.

Throughout all the rising racial tensions, Obama has made a criminal race-baiter, Al Sharpton, a frequent guest at the White House, an action that white America must realize is a big middle finger to the huge majority of us who rightly recognize Sharpton as a semi-literate black opportunist who leaps into every racial conflict to promote and enrich himself, sometimes pouring fiery racial rhetoric onto already incendiary situations.  That an American president would openly associate with such a despicable figure is the equal of George W. Bush having a similar relationship with the national leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

Now comes the presidential spouse who was never proud of her native country until her husband was nominated for the presidency to demonstrate for us all how a single encounter in a Target store can be characterized initially as a racial bridge yet, when politically expedient, redefined as a glaring example of white racism.  I have a question for the president and his spouse: “Just what the hell do you think you are going to accomplish with such a one-sided alignment with black America?”

The only conclusion that can be drawn from most thinking white Americans is that they have a half-white president who has taken a firm stance on the black side of American culture, a stance that affects virtually every domestic issue he is called upon to decide. What we are belatedly discovering is that racial resentment isn’t limited to urban ghettos; it's also in the White House, where the American electorate elevated a half-black man to the most powerful office in the world.

Yet he and his wife still bristle at past racial slights.

I submit to you, America, that as long as blacks up to the highest levels of American culture remain so racially sensitive to the most insignificant insults and become resentful to the most minor of perceived slights, we have no hope of racial reconciliation and cultural harmony in this country.  Think about this: an overt race-baiter and riot-inciter like Al Sharpton is an honored guest in the American White House – your White House.

My momma always warned: “You, your character and your worth, are all a reflection of whom you choose as friends.”  That old conventional wisdom tells me that Barack Obama is not my president; he is a too racially sensitive president of black America.