Police in Tennessee allow Saudi man with dead body in trunk to go on his way

This week, a police officer in Tennessee pulled over a driver whose car had temporary license plates that were not readable.  The driver produced his driver’s license.  That would be a driver’s license from Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi tells the police officer he is en route to transport a dead baby for a proper Muslim funeral.  And the baby is in the trunk of the car.  (Islamic law calls for burial within 24 hours after death.)

The officer asked to see the body.

No go.  Saudi man tells officer it’s against his religion to do so.

Officer lets Saudi drive away.

Apparently the Saudi had a permit from the coroner’s office to transport the dead fetus, but the language barrier made it difficult to make that fact clear.  In any case, the officer should have asked to see the body, as KMOV reports:

[Police Chief] Hindman reiterated that this was a mistake and the officer should have asked to see the body and called a supervisor. The incident will also lead to additional training and policy changes for the entire police department.

Hindman added that police sometimes overlook when people have driver's licenses from other countries as the law isn't black and white in that area.

Who knew?  Apparently if you have a driver’s license from another country, you can get away with all kinds of stuff that we plain old American citizens can’t.  And if you defy a police officer’s request because it’s against your religion – that is, if your religion is Islam – no problem.

Countdown to CAIR sticking their mitts into this to make sure that if the local police department has any “additional training,” that it be all about sensitivity to Muslims.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers