Once again, France takes the low road

France is definitely not a nation where the words "high road" and "morality" can be deployed in any way to describe the country.  Twisting Abraham Lincoln's phrase "the moral lights around us" to praise France and its railroad system for acknowledging its totally cooperative role in deporting France's Jews to death, as Michael Curtis wrote here yesterday, is to degrade Lincoln and minimize France's barbaric role as willing collaborators with the Germans during World War II.

France is unique among all the countries that experienced the Holocaust.  France was the only defeated Allied country whose government actively assisted the Nazis.  After the French surrender, the Vichy authorities actively assisted the Nazis to track down and deport Jews.

This French action is 70 years too late and was accomplished only under force.  France's puffed up post-World War II French Resistance consisted of a few brave souls; most of France's  stories of resistance are really modern-day fairy tales that only the willingly gullible believe.  

Only a few French Jews survived the deportations, and fewer still are alive to tell their descendants.  Indeed, the French were so willing to rid their country of Jews and other undesirables that they provided even more victims than required, shocking the Germans but making them realize what an easy job they had.

France's puny actions and fine talk cannot ever obliterate their barbaric past; they are meaningless.  Their forced and delayed pitiful attempt to do so proves their insincerity; once again, the French are acting like whores, selling out at the cheapest price.

As the French say, "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" – the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Jews are commanded to remember.  And not to forget.  And many Jews won't.