No room at White House meeting for Ferguson PD, but guy named 'T-Dubb-O' advises POTUS on police-'community' relations

Priorities, priorities.  The president who promised to “bring us together” has thrown in his lot with racial agitator Al Sharpton (with blood on his hands from Freddy’s Fashion Mart) and rap artists like “T-Dubb-O,” who offered this policy insight:

If police departments are not committed to community input and oversight, and refuse to train officers appropriately, they should be completely defunded,” said St. Louis-based hip-hop artist T-Dubb-O. “Funding body cameras and other tactics to review police actions is a start, but that doesn’t solve the problem of too many officers who see us as ‘demons’ and not members of a community. Until we deal with that, we can’t move forward.

As Glenn Reynolds always says with sarcasm, “The country is in the best of hands…”

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers, Ed Lasky

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