Muslim terrorists kill 33, kidnap over 100 in Nigeria

The BBC reports that 33 people were killed and one hundred kidnapped in Gumsuri village, near the town of Maiduguri, in eastern Nigeria.  A survivor told the BBC that Boko Haram, a Muslim terrorist faction whose name translates to "Western education is forbidden," is the likely culprit.

Boko Haram has been waging an insurgency since 2009 and is seeking to create an Islamist state in north-eastern Nigeria.

Attacks have increased since three states - Borno, Adamawa and Yobe - were put under emergency rule more than 18 months ago.

The BBC also details an attack on a Cameroon military base, where the army claims to have killed 116 Nigerian militants.  Boko Haram is being blamed for this attack as well.

Mainstream media outlets tend to condemn offenses like this without getting too much into details.  As the BBC puts it (emphasis added), "[m]ore than 2,000 people have been killed in militant violence this year alone[.]"  The AP, quoting Malala Yousafzai, called Tuesday's horrifying Peshawar, Pakistan school attack "senseless."

But it's not senseless at all; the Koran demands this sort of warfare, and it tends to be popular among Muslim nations.

Thus the idea, from which the MSM cringes, that "the only good Muslim is a bad Muslim."  To respect universal goods like liberty and human rights is to deviate from Islam as written.  While the militants of Boko Haram are odious, they are not senseless.  Their official name translates to "People Committed to the Prophet's Teachings for Propagation and Jihad."  They are following orders.

Photos via the BBC and AFP.

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