More Black Cops in City Hotspots Doesn't Go Far Enough: A Modest Proposal

In the aftermath of the Grand Jury's decision not to indict white police officer Darren Wilson, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles announced that his department will implement initiatives to recruit more black officers.  But does this directive go far enough?  Will the existence of even one white officer in black inner-city neighborhoods still lead to racial tensions?

NBC's Andrea Mitchell may have inadvertently hit on a more comprehensive solution to what Obama has cited as a  "deep distrust … between law enforcement and communities of color."  In a special Meet the Press summit called "Race in America," on Sunday, Mitchell responded to Eugene Robinson's contention that "poor communities" want policing and that low-income residents are the most "law-and-order people you could ever find."  Mitchell suggested that blacks would prefer members of their own race keeping the peace in inner city neighborhoods.

From NBC:

And they want policing not with the majority white police force and a majority black community.

When blacks in places like Ferguson cease to believe that white police officers are "on their side," why not just create their own police force?  Colleges have campus police agencies – why not urban trouble areas?

Campus police forces can comprise both sworn police officers and non-sworn security officers.  Some have the same departments as municipal agencies like detective units, special response teams (SWAT or SRT), canine units, bicycle patrol units, motorcycle patrol units, and community policing units.  

City mayors could follow the same playbook.  First, claiming a universal violation of blacks’ civil rights, they could proceed to remove all white police officers and replace them with special police units made up of minority residents.  The new units could then restore law and order, create intact family structures and moral belief systems, and finally promote, through example, a true work ethic instead of a militant entitlement mentality.

Problem solved – no more race card.  No more Van Jones, Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, Charles Ogletree, Henry Louis Gates, Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, New Black Panthers, and Al Sharpton rallying their far-left and/or communist-affiliated troops to wage war against white cops.

Hotspots in and around major cities like St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Cleveland, Atlanta, and Oakland can police themselves with all those "law and order" citizens Robinson was talking about on Meet the Press.  Jursidiction would be limited to designated high-crime areas so as not to interfere with city or state police.  No more 911 calls – perhaps a 711 emergency system instead.

Funding shouldn't be difficult.  We already pay for Section 8 housing, food stamps, Medicaid, TANF, free phones, and Head Start programs to assist those wallowing in wastelands created by the left.  What's another trillion?  This way, blacks in the inner city, the eternal victims of slavery, do not have to put up with any more white cops in their neck of the hood.  Citizens can elect their own sheriffs or appoint police chiefs and these can staff their forces with those minorities truly representative of the surrounding population, as Ms. Mitchell suggested.  After they remove the fear of "snitching" prevalent in the black community, black law enforcement personnel should be able to round up the troublemakers and humanely confront anyone trying to kill them.

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