Max Blumenthal: America Sniper Chris Kyle was just a popular mass murderer

Noah Rothman at Hot Air writes about some tweets from Max Blumenthal, liberal attack dog and son of Clinton hit man Sid Blumenthal, who didn't much care for the new film on the life of Chris Kyle, the most deadly sniper in American military history. I’ve watched the film depiction of the life of the late Chris Kyle, America’s deadliest sniper, Navy SEAL, and veterans advocate, twice. It is a gripping portrayal, but it is a portrayal nonetheless. While the screenplay perhaps lacks nuance, it is also a product of Hollywood and should be considered a truncated and dramatized version of one man’s life story. The complexities of biography often elude filmmakers who are charged with creating dense and intricate portraits of a human being in 120 minutes. Nevertheless, the movie is quite enjoyable. The performances are stirring and the wartime themes, difficult as they are, are confronted tastefully. Having seen the film, I feel qualified to write about it....(Read Full Post)