Liberalism and the point of no return

In today’s AT blog, Patricia L. Dickson asked at the end of her post what black leaders could gain from ignoring the facts of Ferguson.  That is equivalent to asking what the Democrats could gain from the same thing.


In order to stay in power, Democrats need dependent communities that will vote overwhelmingly for them.  They achieve this by breaking up the family and making its constituents – mothers, children, fathers – each dependent on government largesse. 

By becoming the provider for all the parts of the family, they remove the role of men (a) in the family and (b) in the community.  Result?  The collapse of the community. 

Liberalism can liquidate a society; it cannot build one.  That is the lesson of the first Thanksgiving, which occurred after William Bradford eliminated socialism in the Plymouth Plantation in favor of private enterprise.  That is the wellspring of the success of America – discarding welfare in favor of enterprise right at the beginning of the American adventure.

This process was reversed for Welfare America in the 1960’s with the creation of the Great Society welfare plantation.   The unspoken purpose of the Great Society was to make as much of America dependent on the government as possible.  The Democrats are the party of government. 

The welfare system of the Great Society has had a devastating effect on all its recipients. It is just that the black community is disproportionately represented there.

Liberalism is built on lies.  It is amazing how universal this turns out to be once you see it.  We see it in Obamacare.  We see it in Ferguson.  But those are just two examples that are currently in the news.  It is true of everything in Liberalism.  It is why Liberals are perpetually outraged – reality keeps smashing through their papier-mâché walls, the lies in which they live.

Ms. Dickson mentions rap music in her piece.  Rap music is authentic.  But authentic of what?  Of unfocused, unpurposed male aggression.  The rap composer / performer is acting out the deconstructed role to which Liberalism, to which welfare, has consigned men in Welfare America.  Compare, for instance, the Dells from the early 1950’s, the Temptations (Motown) from the 1960’s and rap now.  All three are authentic, but the first two have refinement in musicality and in intent, and romance toward a woman. That is gone in rap.  The move from melody and romance to hostility is the soundtrack of Liberalism, of Welfare America.

What is the primary role of a politician?  As Thomas Sowell points out, it is to get reelected.  The Democratic formula for this is to create dependency and get the votes of those dependents.  There is just one problem.  For this formula to work they must live on lies, they must promote lies to their constituents and use welfare to destroy the unit of civilization…the family.

What does Liberalism get you?  Ferguson.

The last two sentences of Ms. Dickson’s piece are questions:

  1. Why are they [black leaders] so invested in a lie? 
  2. What could they [black leaders] possibly gain from ignoring facts that the rest of America has accepted?


Pretty ugly.