Lazy, Incompetent Bureaucrats Will Celebrate the Heien Decision for Years

The U.S. Supreme Court on December 15 ruled in Heien v. North Carolina that the Fourth Amendment allows for certain mistakes of law by the police in making stops of automobiles. Sergeant Matt Darisse pulled over Nicholas Heien to issue a warning ticket for a broken brake light, although North Carolina law requires only a single lamp, which Heien had.  During the stop, Heien gave consent to search the car, and Sergeant Darisse found cocaine. Heien later claimed the justification of the stop was objectively unreasonable because it was based on the officer’s mistake of law, and should not be allowed under the Fourth Amendment.  A number of conservative organizations filed amicus briefs supporting Heien. The line from Chief Justice Robert’s majority opinion in the Heien case that pro-liberty folks just know will come back like Freddie Krueger reads: “To be reasonable is not to be perfect, and so the Fourth Amendment allows for some mistakes on the part...(Read Full Post)