Islamists Selling Bodies They Slaughtered

Just when you thought the Islamists couldn't be more depraved, they commit another act of barbarism in the spirit of the "religion of peace." (sic).  According to BuzzFeed:

ISIS Is Trying To Sell The Body Of U.S. Hostage James Foley For $1 Million

Middlemen with ties to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have turned to a grim new method of trying to secure funds in recent days. With the group having failed to strike deals to ransom the U.S. hostages in its custody — instead beheading three of them since July — its intermediaries are now trying to negotiate the sale of the body of at least one of the men it killed.

Three sources in contact with ISIS or its associates told BuzzFeed News that it wants to sell the remains of James Foley, the U.S. journalist whose August death was the first in a series of high-profile executions of Western hostages by ISIS hands.

They said ISIS wants $1 million for Foley’s body, which it would deliver across the border to Turkey, and that the group was willing to provide a DNA sample to facilitate a deal.

If true, the attempted sale would highlight the ruthlessness behind the hostage-taking enterprise that has provided ISIS with deep reservoirs of funds and publicity — as well as the group’s cold calculation as it works to raise more cash.

At one point early this year, ISIS held 23 Western hostages in Syria. Fifteen Europeans were freed as governments reportedly paid millions of dollars in ransoms, but the British and American hostages remained. Both governments refuse to negotiate for hostages or to allow families to pay ransoms. (snip)

The FSA official described himself as the “manager” of the proposed negotiations. He was in touch with a middleman representing ISIS, he said, and if a deal progressed would seek to arrange it with someone representing the Foley family.

As before, ISIS seemed intent on making money from its hostage enterprise by any means. “They were trying to negotiate (a ransom deal) for his freedom before they beheaded him, and after beheading him, they are trying to sell his body,” the FSA official said.

As usual, the United Nations remained silent.