Is this the most irresponsible and reprehensible 'public service' commercial ever?

Anti-gun activists know no bounds of decency.  Already notorious for their glee in exploiting the deaths of schoolchildren when “gun-free zones” become defenseless targets of opportunity for disturbed minds bent on slaughter, now they have turned to targeting children and urging them to break the law in many locations and likely get themselves expelled from school, if Mom or Dad have a gun in the home and don’t keep it under lock and key (as they should).  The following tedious video with hideously maudlin background music is the product of their warped sensibilities, produced under the guise of a “public service announcement.”

For those who lack the patience to sit through it, it was summarized by Eugene Volokh of the Washington Post:

... a teenager takes a gun from his mother’s drawer, brings it to school in a backpack, gives it to a horrified looking teacher, and says, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”)

Telling children with no experience with firearms to steal one from their parents is downright dangerous.  Accidental discharge is a possibility.  Then bringing it to school violates the laws of many places, and almost certainly would result in expulsion with prejudice.  And what if another child got hold of the gun and used it?

Professor Volokh reviews the legalities of the ad itself and believes that it commits no crimes, under the doctrine of freedom of speech.  But it is decidedly irresponsible.

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