Indiana Gov. Pence snubs Abbas Christmas invitation in Israel

Traveling to Israel on a nine-day mission over the holidays that included three days of official activity to enhance trade and investment between Israel and Indiana, Governor Mike Pence bluntly snubbed Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas.  Paul Miller of Breitbart reports:

According to a Facebook post by Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor of The Jerusalem Post:

As a visiting dignitary, Pence and his family were invited to PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas’s annual Christmas dinner, where he was notified that a car would be sent to fetch him to Abbas’s office for an unscheduled and unsolicited meeting at 10:45pm.

Governor Pence in his inimitable wisdom, politely and firmly declined the summons (snip)

According to the official Indiana government website, Mr. Pence is being accompanied by his wife and three children, along with three members of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and two members of the governor’s security detail. Private donations and personal funds are covering the cost of the trip, with the exception of the security detail paid for by Indiana taxpayers.

Pence, who served in Congress prior to his governorship and chaired the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has a long record as a supporter of Israel and has been very critical of the Obama administration’s approach to the Jewish state.  During his tenure as Indiana governor, taxes have been cut and jobs have grown, in dramatic contrast to bigger next-door neighbor Illinois.

He is considered a possible candidate for the Republican nomination in 2016, though he has made no moves indicating he will run.  His resume is the only one among potential GOP candidates that includes running a state and foreign affairs experience.  Prior to entering politics, he was a radio talk show host and has considerable communications skills.  On paper, he has superb credentials for the nomination.  The real question is whether or not he has the fire in the belly.