How to Fundamentally Transform the Culture Of America

Why would a president of the United States, who was mentored in his formative years by a Communist, want to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, the vast majority of whom are Hispanic?

The answer may lie in what the United States government states about Hispanic culture.  According to Merriam-Webster, “culture” is the word of the year for 2014.  One of the definitions of the word is “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious or social group.”  In a publication entitled “Cultural Insights: Communicating with Hispanics/Latinos,” the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, states the following about Hispanic culture:

Culture is a learned system of knowledge, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, values, and norms that is shared by a group of people.  In the broadest sense, culture includes how people think, what they do, and how they use things to sustain their lives.


Insights into the Hispanic/Latino Culture

Hispanics come from a collectivistic culture where group activities are dominant, responsibility is shared, and accountability is collective.  Because of the emphasis on collectivity, harmony and cooperation in the group tend to be emphasized more than individual function and responsibility


Understand that Hispanics/Latinos are assimilating to prevalent U.S. culture, but they are not, and probably never will be, fully assimilated.


Collectivist values or group orientation permeates Hispanic life[.]

A Brookings Institution analysis of new United States Census data states that by 2044, whites will constitute less than half of the U.S. population, and that Hispanics will constitute 25% of the U.S. population.  The analysis also states that between 2014 and 2060, the Hispanic population of the U.S. will more than double at a growth rate of 115%.

President Barack Obama and the Democrats, with help from some Republicans, have begun an unconstitutional legalization of 5-20 million illegal immigrants, most of whom are Hispanic.  With the help of many Republicans, Congress voted to pass a spending bill that funds the unconstitutional legalization, at least through February 27, 2015.  Only 22 Republican senators voted in favor of a point of order declaring the legalization unconstitutional.  Twenty other Republican Senators joined with all of the Democratic senators in voting against the point of order.

Before his election as president in 2008, Obama stated that we were “five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  If the HHS is correct about Hispanic culture, with help from some Republicans, Obama appears to be succeeding in a way that would make his Communist mentor proud.

Allan J. Favish is an attorney in Los Angeles.  His website is  With James Fernald, he co-authored a book about what might happen if the government ran Disneyland.  It is entitled Fireworks! If the Government Ran the Fairest Kingdom of Them All (A Very Unauthorized Fantasy).