Glad to see media in Mexico and Brazil covering corruption stories

How quickly things can change in Latin America! A year ago, Mexico's new president, Pena-Nieto, was enjoying all of the international recognition of pushing energy and education reforms.  The Economist is now down on him, and Mexican historian Enrique Krause wants him to go on TV and admit some errors. Down in South America, Brazil was getting ready to host the World Cup a year ago and present itself as a rising economic power with political stability. To be fair, President Pena-Nieto did a good job in passing the reforms, and Brazil has a huge economy.  However, both countries today are suffering from structural corruption, and especially crony capitalism in the case of Brazil. Jaime Daremblum, a respected diplomat, wrote an excellent summary of the problems affecting the two big economies of Latin America: Now, Pena Nieto is in full damage control mode. His wife cancelled her mansion purchase. And, more seriously, Pena Nieto has...(Read Full Post)