DoJ study challenges accusations of 'rape culture' on campus

A DoJ study conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics has some startling information on campus sexual assaults.  It appears that a previous study that purported to show 1 in 5 female students being sexually assaulted was vastly inflated, and that non-students are far more likely to be sexually assaulted than students.

The Federalist:

The full study, which was published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a division within DOJ, found that rather than one in five female college students becoming victims of sexual assault, the actual rate is 6.1 per 1,000 students, or 0.61 percent (instead of 1-in-5, the real number is 0.03-in-5). For non-students, the rate of sexual assault is 7.6 per 1,000 people.

The higher rate of victimization among non-students is important due in large part to recent accusations that U.S. colleges and universities are hotbeds of so-called “rape culture,” where sexual assault is endemic, and administrators and other students are happy to look the other way. The bogus “1 in 5″ statistic, which was the product of a highly suspect survey of only two universities and which paid respondents for their answers, has been repeatedly used as evidence of this pervasive rape culture on college campuses across the country.

Even more striking is that according to the BJS data, the likelihood of sexual assault has actually been trending downward across the board since 1997.

This is not to say that rape and sexual assault aren't a problem on campus.  The fact is, it has been a problem for decades.  Mixing alcohol and youthful hormones leads to sexual activity, misunderstandings, or piggish behavior by men.  "No" means "no" all the time, and it never means "yes" – even if the woman is an enthusiastic participant in the early stages of the encounter.  Some men just can't get that through their heads, and with alcohol fueling the encounter, judgment is impaired to the point that regrets by the woman are inevitable.

Meanwhile, those who are fighting the patriarchy and forcing ever more draconian sex codes on men will ignore this study, and continue pushing the now discredited survey showing that 1 in 5 women is raped on campus.  They are nowhere near finished bullying college-age men and college administrators by citing trumped up statistics and phantom rapes.

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