Demonstration yesterday embraces racial supremacy

As protests across the country carry on without relent, the top brass running the show have put some serious thinking into how best to achieve racial equality. Apparently, part of the plan involves directions as to what white folks who want to protest can, and cannot do. I guess black people want to make sure white people keep their white privilege in check. Or something like that. Not sure. The Right Scoop has printed screen shots of these lists at a demonstration in Boston, which are hand written on large pieces of paper. Some instructions are in black. Others in red. I guess the red signifies the really important stuff. But again, not sure. The list begins with the following heading: White Peoples [sic] Roles & Responsibilities There’s nothing like having a protest, a rally, a march, or a town looting and burning in the name of racial equality and separating folks in attendance into groups along racial lines. Oh, the irony! The first item below the...(Read Full Post)