Dem. Rep: U.S. should apologize to terrorists for torture

Congresswoman Jackie Speier told MSNBC that the U.S. should “absolutely” issue an apology for the actions taken by the CIA revealed in the torture report.  Although she never says to whom we should apologize, the inference is clear: we should apologize to the victims of the torture – the terrorists.

Washington Free Beacon:

Speier said she was “shocked” by the report and said “that is not what this country is about. We have got to shut this down.”

“Every single page had something in the executive summary that shocked me,” Speier said.

When asked if the CIA was likely to issue an apology, Speier seemed pessimistic and claimed the agency needed to do some “soul searching.”

“There’s an arrogance that exists within the CIA that has to be reigned in [sic – AT ed.],” Speier said “I would certainly hope that they would recognize that with some soul searching, that they have got to come clean on this. “

It should be noted that the program Speier is demanding to be "shut down" was discontinued by President Obama in 2009.  What an ignoramus.

But if she's not saying we should apologize to the terrorists, then to whom?  Usually, you apologize to the victim.  In this case, the poor, put upon terrorists who feel they have a religious justification to kill us all have been the targets of enahnced interrogation techniques.  Ergo, Speier apparently believes we must apologize to them for putting them through the wringer, so to speak.

And before we "rein in" the arrogance at the CIA, how about taking care of the arrogance of members of congress like Speier, who spout inanities on television and demonstrate a cluelessness about the issues that is embarrassing?