Communist press ecstatic over Obama's Cuba speech

It's funny how Barack Obama plays the oppressed victim card in an interview with People magazine and at the same time announces he will subsidize Cuba's communism.  The media couldn’t get enough of Obama’s inane tale of racial oppression this past week.  Then, he goes and aligns himself with oppressors extraordinaire – the Castro brothers. 

What else can we expect from a man mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a communist pervert?  Or a community organizer who worked with small-c communist Bill Ayers in Chicago? 

In 2009, Obama and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett actually ushered communist revolutionary Anthony K. "Van" Jones into the White House.

Cuba has long inspired romantic feelings in Obama's far-left radical buddies.  Many of Van Jones’s fellow STORM comrades visited Cuba in 1999 as part of the Venceremos Brigade.  And a day after the president's historic pledge to loosen the "shackles of the past" with Cuba, Bill Ayers posted "Viva Cuba! Cuba es en mi corazon!" on his website.

The U.S. Communist online news site Peoples World is also doing cartwheels over Obama's decision to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba.  While leftist activists and the media provide cover for Obama, stirring up trouble between blacks and whites, the president is praised by communist propagandists right here at home.

From Peoples World:

This move by Obama is a historic sea-change in U.S. foreign policy. It opens up tremendous possibilities for progressive exchange with the socialist island 90 miles to our south, a country that has been a beacon of hope and progress for the hemisphere and the world. It took enormous courage by this president.

Of note is the role played by Pope Francis in facilitating this enormous development. Both Obama and Castro thanked the Pope. This new leader of the billion-strong Catholic Church has stirred the world with his advocacy for the poor, immigrants and the oppressed… This joint U.S.-Cuban move is a victory for all of us who want to see socialist Cuba succeed.

All three men - Obama, Castro and Francis - it can be said, are change-makers, taking bold steps - even if they go against some past orthodoxies - to reflect the new realities, complexities and values of the 21st century.

Quite a "historic sea-change," indeed, when a communist publication lumps Obama, Castro, and Pope Francis together as bold new 21st-century leaders. 

In true Aesopian fashion, Peoples World tamped down its high praise and endorsement of Obama lest anyone think an American president is actually pro-communist.

Certainly we can find fault in some of the president's comments on Wednesday about human rights and communism... But it's not surprising that Obama (and others) reflect some degree of anti-communism. We should not expect them to suddenly become advocates of Cuban socialism!

No, that would be too obvious.  Better to fake to the right.  In his speech, Obama said he wants to "leave behind the legacy of both colonization and communism...dictators and sham elections."  He's a uniter, not a divider.  "Todos somos Americanos," he proclaimed the same day Michelle's trumped up Target tripe and Barack's valet driver drivel made headlines.

While the public feeds on manufactured race incidents, the president continues to make good on his most recent e-mail declaration to his supporters: “I’m not done making real, lasting change.”

After six years of Obama, I'm with the Cuban people.  Life "no es facil" under a dictatorship.

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