Coming full circle: Wright, Farrakhan, and Obama

Despite all we did not know about Barack Obama back in 2008 when he first ran for president, we knew enough to realize he would be a menace to the nation.

Obama sat in the same church for 20 years, listened to the horrid, hateful, screeching, screaming, anti-Semitic, “God damn America” sermons/rants of Jeremiah Wright, and embraced the man as his mentor.  And Louis Farrakhan was given a lifetime “achievementaward in Wright’s name.  Farrakhan, a professional hater who is now bellowing, “tear this goddamn country apart.”

One needn’t have known anything more (though there was plenty more that was, and is, profoundly disturbing) about Obama.  This history alone disqualified him for any position in government, no less to be president of the United States.

So here we are.  With race riots sweeping the country.  And the president egging them on (while feigning innocence).

The realization of damning America and a promise to tear the country apart.

Isn’t this just what the vision was all along?  Isn’t this what our community organizer-in-chief envisioned as part of the fundamental transformation of greatest nation on earth?  Isn’t this the actualization of the massive chip on his shoulder, the personal pathology, the indoctrination he experienced growing up surrounded by communists, terrorists, and other agitators?

Ferguson should surprise no one.  Nor the madness taking hold in increasing numbers of cities across the United States.  Nor that the president plans to hold meetings today to discuss Ferguson.

What about, you ask?  About this, per The Washington Times:

While tensions have calmed somewhat in Ferguson, debate rages on about what happened nearly four months ago, and what it means for race relations in America.

In that context, Mr. Obama will meet with Cabinet members Monday to review federal funding and programs that provide military-style equipment from the Pentagon to local police departments, a program the president and top advisers signaled they were concerned about when armored vehicles and heavy weapons were deployed to confront protesters.

Mr. Obama also will meet with young civil rights leaders “to discuss their efforts and broader challenges we still face as a nation, including the mistrust between law enforcement and communities of color,” the official said.

And finally, the president will confer with elected officials, community, civil rights and religious leaders and law enforcement officials from around the country “to discuss how communities and law enforcement can work together to build trust to strengthen neighborhoods across the country,” the aide said.

In a search for common sense and truth, let’s explore Obama’s Monday meeting agenda, shall we?

First, the heavy weaponry that arrived in Ferguson seemed to have little effect on the outcome.  Mob rule ruled.  So why the focus on militarized police?  There’s only one reason Obama would zero in on that: so that he can use it to demonize law enforcement.

But Obama won’t stop there.  He appears to be planning a multi-pronged approach to undermining law enforcement while adding fuel to the fire raging across America by focusing on mistrust “communities of color” feel toward the police.

It’s ironic, no, that the president wants to shine a light on this based on a case that highlights the exact opposite scenario?  That is, given that Michael Brown assaulted and attempted to murder a police officer, this seems a perfect time to shine a light on the ways that members of law enforcement put their lives on the line every day, never knowing if in an instant they’re going to encounter some lunatic bent on killing them.  This seems a perfect time to acknowledge how police officers need to modulate feelings of mistrust toward suspects, felons, and criminals, and how much professionalism and self-control they must exert to do their jobs effectively.

But no . It’s all about the big bad cops.

Hey, guess what.  Those cops are the ones going into “communities of color” and trying with all their might to solve crimes.  Those cops care deeply about innocent people living in “communities of color” who are murdered.  Those cops work around the clock to close cases when members of “communities of color” won’t come forward to testify as witnesses, which results in thousands and thousands of murderers running free.

And some of those cops get killed doing their job.

Such was almost the case with Officer Wilson.

How about instead of demonizing Wilson and police departments across the country, we stand up and take our hats off to them for keeping our communities safe?  Anyone who has a complaint is free to leave his doors unlocked and vow never to call 911.  Since such people would be the same types who don’t own guns, I’d say: good luck with that.