Colorado professor forces his students to pledge allegiance to 'two nations, under Jesus, rich against poor...'

Where do colleges find these rodents? An obscure professor at an obscure Colorado school forces his students to recite a "pledge of allegiance" that's as stupid as it is anti-American.

Washington Times:

Metropolitan State University of Denver professor Charles Angeletti, who teaches a class on American Civilization, has a rule for students wishing to take his course: that they recite a new version of the Pledge of Allegiance that denounces the nation as unjust.

The pledge was meant to be satirical, Campus Reform reported. But it’s angered many who say satire or not, the text is offensive.

The pledge reads: “I pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag of the United States Against Anything Un-American. And to the Republicans for which it stands, two nations, under Jesus, rich against poor, with curtailed liberty and justice for all except blacks, homosexuals, women who want abortions, Communists, welfare queens, tree huggers, feminazis, illegal immigrants, children of illegal immigrants, and you, if you don’t watch your step,” Campus Reformreported.

The pledge was intended to get students to think and question their country’s leadership, said Mr. Angeletti, a self-proclaimed atheist and socialist, Fox News reported. He also said he’s been passing out the pledge for about 20 years in his classes.

“We’re very racist, we’re very repressive, we’re very Christian-oriented, we don’t tolerate other kinds of thinking in this country,” Mr. Angeletti said to Campus Reform. “I could go on and on — and do, in my classes, for hours about things that we need to do to make this a better country.”

A student in Mr. Angeletti’s class said “The New Pledge” was distributed to the class and those in attendance were forced to recite it.

Obscure though he may be, the school is paying this reprobate to teach and students are paying tuition to learn from him. Also, I thought satire was supposed to be funny -- especially political satire. The pledge isn't "satire": It's a partisan rant against his perception of what America is. And that perception is diseased.

No balance, no perspective - where did this guy get his degree? From a school advertised on the back of a matchbook?

If I were the parent of a student in his class, I would demand a tuition refund. And if I didn't get it, I'd sue. Someone has to stand up to these "educators" who don't teach as much as they seek to brainwash their students.

Thinking independently is fine. But indoctrination isn't.



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