Black man who stabbed white Jewish man killed by white/Hispanic cops; no Jewish rioting follows

A few hours after demonstrators in their ongoing Black Lives Matter protest unsuccessfully attempted to disrupt a professional basketball game in Brooklyn attended by the British Prince William and his wife Kate, a black man with a large knife entered a synagogue/study hall a few miles away, yelling, "Kill the Jews!"  The large building complex in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood is the headquarters of a large religious Jewish movement renowned for its outreach to Jews around the world and is open all day, all night for those who want to study and/or pray.

Carrying out his threat, he slashed a young Jewish student in the head and neck, severely wounding him.  However, along with several other students, the victim managed to run out of the building and receive emergency first aid from his friends, who also contacted the police, who are stationed nearby.

As shown in the dramatic video embedded in the article from the New York Daily News, the police entered the building, confronted the attacker, and ordered him to put down his knife.  Update: here is a YouTube version of the video:

He did so but later picked it up again.  Again, the police demanded he put down the knife as the students begged the police not to kill him.  But the attacker lunged towards the police, and they shot him; he later died.  His family and neighbors claimed he was a nice family man who was also bipolar.

The victim is in critical condition and in an induced coma.  Ironically, he just arrived in New York from Israel, where just a few weeks earlier Arabs with guns, axes, and butcher knives hacked four men to death in a synagogue as the men were praying.  The Arabs later killed a policeman.

Why were the police so readily available and near the synagogue?  The neighborhood, which has a large black population, many from the Caribbean, and a much smaller religious Jewish population is plagued by black-on-black and black-on-white Jewish crime.  There is very little Jewish-on-Jewish or Jewish-on-black crime.  In the summer of 1991, Crown Heights gained notoriety when the Rev. Al Sharpton (yes, that Rev. Al Sharpton) led a race riot for three days against Jews in the neighborhood after a car driven by an Orthodox Jew was involved in an accident and tragically killed a young black child.  A young Jewish man and a man of Italian descent, who blacks thought was Jewish, were murdered in the ensuing riots

Sharpton, as of this writing, is (uncharacteristically) silent about this latest incident, although some are already grumbling that the police really didn't have to kill the attacker; they should have just tasered him, wounded him, or talked to him more nicely.  However, both the mayor and the police commissioner of New York backed the police actions, which is sure to upset many demonstrators.

“The officers responded with great restraint. They made every effort to try to disarm the individual. And they, in the work they did so courageously, protected lives,” de Blasio said, speaking alongside Police Commissioner Bill Bratton outside the Empire State Building Tuesday evening. (snip)

This individual had already assaulted Mr. Rosenblatt, may have caused much more damage to others. Lives were at stake. And these officers with courage and skill and restraint handled the situation very admirably,” de Blasio said.

“Had the perpetrator cooperated at any point along the way the outcome would have been different. So I think the professionalism, the courage, the restraint were admirable,” he said. (snip)

“The actions of the officers are more than justified based on the dangers that they and seven other individuals faced in that basement of that building,” Bratton said.

He said Peters was within three to five feet of the cops he was threatening when he was shot at close range. “I’m quite comfortable commending the actions of the officers,” he said.

Bratton also revealed he is proposing equipping hundreds more cops with tasers, to give them a non-deadly alternative when confronting suspects.

Currently, only patrol sergeants are equipped with tasers. Bratton is proposing also giving them to experienced cops who will be assigned to work side by side with new recruits, an addition of about 450 tasers. “That’s a direction we’d like to move in,” he said.

The Jews of the neighborhood won't riot and smash black property, claiming that Jewish Lives Matter; the professional demonstrators won't, either.  And those who demonstrate that Black Lives Matter – which of course they do, as do lives of others – will remain silent about the innocent black lives lost because of black violence that are mentioned in other articles in the New York Daily News.  Because then they wouldn’t know how to demonstrate.